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Who We Are

We’re a consulting firm leveraging over 60 years of joint experience in non-profit management, educational consulting, project management, international law, policy analysis and change management to help our clients develop, assess, manage or restructure socially responsible businesses, nonprofits and community initiatives. We focus on transition management for individuals and corporations, as well as those seeking to reevaluate and enhance their contribution to self and society.

We're more than a consulting firm that touts industry experience. We’re a dynamic duo. Together, we think creatively and strategically. We aren’t afraid to wander miles outside of the box, but also recognize the importance of drawing in the lines. We utilize innovative, proven tactics customized to each individual client and their unique circumstances to bring about lasting change. We are often our clients’ missing link …the essential outside vantage point or brains needed to propel themselves forward.

Our Managing Partners

We work with a talented network of professionals globally. If we can’t help, we collaborate with those leaders to ensure you benefit from an all-rounded robust experience.

Sara Speer Selber

Sara Speer Selber has more than 35 years of experience managing people and organizations for excellence and success. Her career with for-profit and non-profit entities has been characterized by entrepreneurial innovation and has been recognized repeatedly by professional and community groups for her business achievements and many contributions to the welfare of others.

An accomplished networker, Sara combines her considerable communication skills with an extensive...


Farah Killidar

Farah Killidar, Founding Partner of QuestEssential, is a Solicitor of the High Courts of England & Wales, with expertise in strengthening stakeholder engagement, non-profit management, international law, change management and public speaking.

Farah’s career spans 25 years from the UK, to the Middle East to the US. Qualifying as an English solicitor to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps as a Supreme Court Judge, she started her career with international law...


Interested in learning more?

You are unique ... your professional or business needs are unique.

We look forward to building a customized approach to address those needs and, in turn, position you for further success!