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Our Mission

To work with individuals, for-profit, and 501c3 businesses whose mission and socially responsible goals are aligned with our own. We help navigate the ever-changing landscape, to gain a big-picture perspective with a view to creating personal and/or business success.

Whether your quest is personal or business-related, we help you define, plan for and address your essential pain points AND the solutions that drive success.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Verdani Partners had the pleasure of working with Sara and Farah during our 2020 Fall Retreat. They adapted seamlessly to the virtual setting required due to the global pandemic and prepared thorough and truly engaging content for our small but quickly growing team. Each brightened the trainings with their own distinct styles and perspectives that engaged and fostered conversations amongst even the most reserved members of the company. They impressed me most with their diligent prep work in advance of the retreat.

  • QuestEssential has been instrumental in fostering my continued professional development and plays an important role in connecting me to resources needed to continue serving the public during natural disasters and public health emergencies.

Our partnership with QuestEssential has been invaluable to say the least. Their innovative and forward-thinking staff has helped our organization to triple our growth in less than two years. They helped us with our business development processes and aligned our strategy & marketing to gain traction with key stakeholders. Our rapid growth and success would not be possible without QuestEssential.

Interested in Learning More?

You are unique ... your professional or business needs are unique.

We look forward to building a customized approach to address those needs and, in turn, position you for further success!